How to Improve Hearing Naturally: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

Hearing loss, tinnitus, and ear infections are common issues that many people face as they get older. While modern medicine has made significant strides in treating these problems, there are also natural remedies that can help. In this article, we will explore how Chinese medicine can help you improve your hearing naturally.

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The kidneys and water element in Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, hearing and the ears are related to the water element and the kidneys. The kidneys, which resemble ears in shape, are seen as the underlying energy that brings chi to the ears. Thus, to improve your hearing, you need to work on your kidneys.

Pressure points for the ears

One way to bring healing energy to the ears is through pressure points. There is a specific pressure point behind the earlobe called Triple Burner 17 that is particularly good for ear pain, tinnitus, and even jaw pain. To stimulate this point, press your first or middle finger on the indentation behind your earlobe and circle it gently. Repeat this several times, making sure to take slow, deep breaths in between.

Rubbing and stretching the ears

Rubbing and stretching the ears can also help clear congestion and create more space in the ear canal. To do this, place one finger behind the ear and the other three fingers in front, and rub up and down vigorously. Then, use your first finger and thumb to squeeze and pull the earlobes and the rest of the ear gently.

Flowing movements for the kidneys

Another way to improve your hearing naturally is through flowing movements that bring energy to your kidneys. The Fountain is an exercise that helps bring water energy up through the body, nourishing and healing the kidneys. Start with a shoulder-width stance, and inhale as you slowly float your hands up towards each other. Then, circle your hands out and around the fountain, exhaling as you go. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes while focusing on your breath and letting your spine relax like a wave in the ocean.

Sensing energy in your hands

Finally, it’s important to be aware of the energy in your hands. Take your palms and face them towards each other, and hold for a few seconds before letting them float apart. Sense and feel the energy in your hands, and bring healing energy to them before directing it to your ears.


Improving your hearing naturally doesn’t have to involve expensive medical procedures or drugs. By following the principles of Chinese medicine and focusing on pressure points, flowing movements, and energy, you can improve your hearing and overall health. Remember to always take slow, deep breaths and be aware of the energy in your body. With time and practice, you’ll notice a significant difference in your hearing and well-being.