Starving Cancer: Dr. Seyfried’s Protocol for an Effective Treatment

Cancer is a complex disease that can affect any part of the body. With conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, cancer treatment can be a painful and challenging process. However, Dr. Thomas Seyfried, a leading cancer researcher, proposes a protocol that could be a game-changer in the field of cancer treatment. His protocol involves dietary changes, parasite medications, and glutamine-targeting drugs to help the body turn on the tumor and dissolve it.

The Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Dr. Seyfried emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive analysis of blood markers to identify imbalances that may be associated with cancer. Parasites, viruses, and toxins in the body can also trigger cancer, so addressing these underlying issues is crucial. Once these imbalances are identified, Dr. Seyfried recommends starting with a zero carbohydrate diet, whether carnivore or plant-based, to bring the body back into metabolic homeostasis.

Parasite Medications and Glutamine-Targeting Drugs

Dr. Seyfried also suggests taking fenbendazole and mebendazole, which are parasite medications that have shown promise in clinical trials for treating cancer. These drugs share metabolic pathways with cancer cells and are non-toxic and inexpensive. Additionally, Dr. Seyfried recommends glutamine-targeting drugs that restrict glutamine in the body. While there are drugs available that can lower glutamine levels, they are not effective on their own. When combined with a zero carbohydrate diet, glutamine-targeting drugs work synergistically to starve cancer cells.

The Power of the Diet-Drug Combination

Dr. Seyfried highlights the importance of combining the diet and the drugs. The diet restricts glucose and elevates ketones, which tumor cells cannot use. The drugs target glutamine, which is essential for the survival of cancer cells. When these two interventions are combined, they act synergistically to degrade the tumor gradually. Once the body is in the therapeutic zone and the tumor has been degraded, hyperbaric oxygen and IV vitamin C can also be used to further support the body’s healing process.


Dr. Seyfried’s protocol for cancer treatment emphasizes the importance of addressing imbalances in the body, restricting glucose, and targeting glutamine. The combination of a zero carbohydrate diet, parasite medications, and glutamine-targeting drugs can starve cancer cells and help the body turn on the tumor and dissolve it. With further research and clinical trials, this protocol could offer a promising alternative to conventional cancer treatments.